I'm Attila Vincze, a photographer and philologist from Hungary. My interest in arts and my works cover a wide variety of fields focused on architecture and photography. During my university studies in Art history, my interest turned to history of architecture, especially early modern and Bauhaus. These constructive and progressive trends still have a huge impact on our built environment. 

Strength and lightness, lights and shadows, straight lines and curves; many types of contrasts make this duality of engineering and art very exciting for me. There are many similarities between architecture and photography like importance of composition, proportions, contrasts and colors. This project and site seeks to be a fusion of them, from my own perspective and through my perception.

These photos would not have been taken without the architects and their works, so images are a kind of tribute to them. Locations of my currently works are in Central and Eastern Europe. This region is very rich in several styles of 20th century and contemporary architecture.

Let's discover it!

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